How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Sofa

As a cat owner, one of the biggest challenges you may face is trying to stop your feline friend from scratching the sofa. Cats love to scratch, and unfortunately, their favourite scratching posts tend to be expensive furniture items. 

However, there are several techniques you can use to discourage your cat from scratching the sofa and redirect their attention to more appropriate scratching surfaces.

Understanding Why Cats Scratch

Before we delve into how to stop your cat from scratching the sofa, it’s important to understand why cats scratch in the first place. Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats, and they do it for several reasons, including:


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Scratching helps cats stretch their muscles and maintain flexibility.

Marking territory: 

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Cats have scent glands in their paws, and scratching leaves a visible and olfactory mark of their presence.

Removing dead outer nail sheaths: 

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Scratching helps cats shed the outer layer of their nails, allowing them to grow sharp and healthy.

Relieving stress and boredom: 

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Cats may scratch as a way to relieve stress or alleviate boredom.

Provide Appropriate Scratching Surfaces

One of the most effective ways to stop your cat from scratching the sofa is to provide alternative scratching surfaces. These surfaces should be enticing to your cat and placed in strategic locations. Some examples of appropriate scratching surfaces include:

Scratching posts: 

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Scratching posts come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Some cats prefer vertical posts, while others prefer horizontal ones. Consider your cat’s preference when selecting a scratching post.

Cardboard scratchers: 

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Cardboard scratchers are inexpensive and disposable, making them a popular choice for many cat owners. They come in different shapes and sizes, including flat pads and tunnels.

Carpet scraps: 

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Cats love the texture of carpet, and you can use carpet scraps to create DIY scratching surfaces. Attach the carpet to a wooden board and place it in a convenient location for your cat.

Sisal rope:

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Sisal rope is a popular material for scratching surfaces. You can wrap sisal rope around a post or attach it to a board to create a DIY scratching surface.

Discourage Scratching on the Sofa

While providing alternative scratching surfaces is important, you’ll also need to discourage your cat from scratching the sofa. There are several techniques you can use to do this, including:

Provide a distraction: 

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When you catch your cat scratching the sofa, provide a distraction such as a toy or treat to redirect their attention.

Use deterrents:

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There are several deterrents you can use to discourage your cat from scratching the sofa. One popular option is double-sided tape. Cats dislike the sticky texture of the tape and will avoid scratching in areas where it’s placed. 

Make the sofa less appealing: 

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Cats tend to scratch soft and textured surfaces, so you can make the sofa less appealing by covering it with a smooth and untextured material, such as a sheet or blanket.

Trim your cat’s nails: 

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Regular nail trimming can help reduce the damage caused by scratching. If you’re unsure how to trim your cat’s nails, consult your veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Reward good behaviour

Finally, remember to reward your cat when they use appropriate scratching surfaces. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in training cats, and rewarding good behaviour can help reinforce the desired behaviour. 

When you see your cat using a scratching post or cardboard scratcher, offer praise, pets, and treats. This will encourage your cat to continue using these surfaces and avoid the sofa.

What if my cat continues to scratch the sofa despite my efforts?

If your cat continues to scratch the sofa despite your efforts, it may be necessary to restrict their access to the area. You can also consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviourist for additional advice.


Stopping your cat from scratching the sofa is possible with the right approach. By providing appropriate scratching surfaces, discouraging scratching on the sofa, and rewarding good behaviour, you can redirect your cat’s scratching behaviour and protect your furniture.

Remember, consistency and patience are key, and with time, your cat will learn to scratch in appropriate locations. 

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