11 Best Sofas in Malaysia & Where to Buy Them (2024 Guide)

Sofas are essential pieces of furniture and make an excellent addition to your home. Comfort is key when selecting a sofa, but it also comes in so many attractive designs and styles that you can add your personal touch to any interior. 

Choose from sofa beds, 1-seater to 4-seaters, or L-shaped sofas, each with flair and attention to detail. Whether you are creating a modern aesthetic with crisp lines or curating a home that reflects your unique style, the perfect sofa for your home awaits on the market.

We have gathered a list of top sofa brands in Malaysia, along with each of their best-sellers to help you make an informed decision.

Top 11 Best Sofa Brands in Malaysia

1. CUURA Space

CUURA Space understands the importance of getting on-budget, unique, and well-built furniture.

That’s why their wide selection of sofa designs caters to any number of tastes and interior styles, from 1-seater sofas for a studio apartment to spacious 2-seater or even 3-seater options for those with a larger space to fill. 

When you sink into Spencer’s softness, your worries will begin to disappear. This microfiber leather sofa comes with deep, plush cushions – perfect for lounging after a long day. 

The Olivia Sofa is an elegant statement piece that blends well with a variety of decors. Its simple and adaptable design is equally at home in a contemporary family room or in a quaint country house. 

When it comes to sophisticated style and lavish comfort, the Florence 1-Seater Microfibre Leather Sofa has no equal. This sofa’s nicely splayed legs give off a desirable European style while indicating that this is one comfortable chair.

2. DI (Design Indulgences)

Design Indulgences (DI) has become the ultimate go-to place for fantastic furniture that is both high in quality and stylish, all at affordable prices. They have made a strong presence in the industry and offer an extensive range of breathtaking pieces that are built to last.

Enjoy the convenience of their speedy delivery, which takes only 3-10 days, even for larger items. You’ll also receive personalised assistance from their dedicated team of experts. Similar to CUURA Space, DI is an exclusively online furniture store, which means there is no physical showroom.

The Aiden sofa is a great choice to add some luxury and durability to your living room. You’ll love the wide arms and tufted seating and back, which make for a really comfortable seating experience.

Plus, the soft and cosy dark blue jersey upholstery adds a touch of elegance. And with 1-seater, 2-seater, and 3-seater options available, you can find the perfect fit for your home.


HATCH provides distinguished home furnishings that make every day elegant, enabling every home to have a touch of luxury.

The brand has a standard that is always in style, as they possess an impeccable eye for quality and detail, meaning their sofa can enhance the comfort of your home while adding subtle refinement.

HATCH 7190 has an adjustable headrest, which takes your comfort to the next level, and it is upholstered in fabric from Spain.

4. Zolano 

Zolano is one of the leading names in Malaysia for manufacturing and branding essential furniture.

Since its establishment forty-two years ago, Zolano has earned the trust of customers all around the globe, most notably in providing sofa sets that not only bring beauty into living spaces but also have functional utility such as comfort and durability. 

Zolano’s Tarz sofa is crafted with the finest leather that provides unparalleled comfort, and its warming hues offer an inviting atmosphere. This luxurious item has become one of their top products due to its sumptuous softness, captivating colours, and chic design.

5. Nostaloft 

Nostaloft takes modern design to a new level with inspired furniture sourced from Scandinavia, Italy, and Japan. Their sofas are designed using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled comfort while providing a timeless style that complements your aesthetics.

The round shape of the Swell Sofa goes well with the lines of the rest of the room and makes it a good fit for many different settings.

6. Rozel  

Rozel brings luxury to life with its exquisite sofas inspired by Italian designs. Rozel believes that its customers come first, which is why each piece is crafted with precision and dedication, providing customers with the comfort and style they deserve. 

Rozel’s Signature Full Leather Sofa features a colourful and comfortable display. The primary leather material is durable and minimises the onset of wear and tear.

7. Moods Design 

Moods Design specialises in providing customers with unique and tailored sofa designs. Through their innovative approach, Moods Design helps create a whole new dimension for customers’ new spaces that will reflect their mood and concept. 

The Bonaire-3-seater will make you feel like royalty with its luxurious features. Its gorgeous walnut leg frame offers your living space a classic, timeless look.

And adding to that sense of comfort and luxury is the fabric & PU leather upholstery, which is incredibly soft to the touch and long-lasting for years to come.

8. Mi Kuang Furniture 

Mi Kuang Furniture offers a vast selection of sofas that can transform your space into a warm and inviting home. Their commitment to providing superior quality furniture brings you a luxurious collection for an ever-elegant home.

HOLO Sofa is an elegant seat with a beautiful design. Its combination of solid wood rail and legs gives it an extremely sturdy construction, while its upholstery material of fabric and PU make it incredibly comfortable. All seat and back cushions are removable and washable for easy cleaning.

9. Tekkashop 

Tekkashop is a trusted name in the furniture world, offering the highest quality furniture to customers at unbeatable prices. Tekkashop’s goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, providing them with quality and comfort at an affordable price. 

Your living room can use Vintage Style PU Leather 3-Seater Sofa in any arrangement. Its cushion is upholstered in PU leather, and its frame is crafted from hardwood.


NOTTI-SOFA has established itself as the go-to brand for those looking to create stylish living spaces with its selection of modern and classic sofas. In their leather series, NOTTI-SOFA has something to fit every style.

This luxurious and comfortable sofa can take the cosy factor of any living space to the next level. It offers an ergonomic design with a deep, bulky pillow-style backrest and matching armrests for ultimate relaxation.

11. Mumu Living 

Mumu Living provides you with a vast array of innovative and unique furniture solutions to transform your living room into the personal haven you’ve always desired.

Their functional designer, living room furniture collection specialises in space-saving sofa beds, fabric sofas, and leather sofas, meaning that Mumu Living has something for everyone.

This sofa bed is the best spot to curl up and relax. Whether you need an extra bed for guests or a comfortable furniture option on a day-to-day basis, Mila Leathaire is just what you’re looking for.

Its unique design allows for easy maintenance – no more hauling heavy furniture around the room – and provides a surprisingly comfortable resting space. 

Where can I buy sofas in Malaysia?

You can opt to shop for the perfect couch online or in stores. For example, Mi Kuang Furniture and Zolano have showrooms that you can visit in person.

However, with the convenience and wide selection of sofas available online, you can also consider skipping the hassle of travelling and shopping right from the comfort of your home.

One good example is CUURA Space which offers a variety of sofas at competitive prices and a generous return policy.

Which sofa brand is the best in Malaysia?

Determining which sofa brand is the “best” is a subjective decision, as personal preferences and needs vary.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the top brands to help you compare value, quality, shopping experience, and customer service. 

Researching and reading reviews before making a purchase is always a good idea. Consider factors such as the sofa’s material, your budget, and space constraints.


When it comes to furnishing your home, a sofa is one of the first pieces to be considered, and yet, frequently, one of the least thought about.

Whether designing a modern living room or a cosy den, carefully considering each aspect of finding the right piece is vital to ensure maximum satisfaction when picking your perfect lounger. 

Following our guide makes it easy to balance aesthetics, comfort, and price, allowing you to make your home’s most informed decisions.

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