The Standard Daybed Dimensions in Malaysia: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right daybed is crucial when it comes to furnishing your living space or guest room. Daybeds not only provide a comfortable place to rest or lounge, but they can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior design. 

One important factor to consider when selecting a daybed is its dimensions. In Malaysia, various standard daybed measurements are available to cater to different needs and preferences. In this article, we will explore the standard dimensions of daybeds commonly found in Malaysia.

Common Daybed Dimensions

Daybed SizeDaybed Dimension
1. Narrow Twin (Small Single) 80 x 190
2. Twin 100 x 190
3. Twin XL 100 x 200
4. Full 140 x 190
5. Queen 150 x 200

1. Narrow Twin (Small Single) 

The Narrow Twin, also known as the Small Single, is the smallest daybed size available in Malaysia. It measures approximately 80 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

This compact size makes it suitable for limited spaces, such as small bedrooms, studio apartments, or children’s rooms. The Narrow Twin daybed is an excellent choice for accommodating a single sleeper comfortably.

2. Twin 

The Twin daybed is a popular choice due to its versatility and compact dimensions. It measures approximately 100 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

This size can comfortably accommodate a single sleeper, making it ideal for guest rooms or smaller bedrooms. The Twin daybed provides ample space for rest and relaxation, while still maintaining a relatively small footprint.

3. Twin XL 

The Twin XL daybed shares the same width as the Twin but offers additional length, measuring approximately 100 cm by 200 cm. This extra length provides more legroom, making it a suitable choice for taller individuals or those who prefer additional space while sleeping or lounging. The Twin XL daybed is also commonly found in college dormitories, as it offers more comfort for students during their studies.

4. Full 

The Full daybed, also known as the Double daybed, is a larger option compared to the Twin sizes. It measures approximately 140 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

This size offers more sleeping space, making it suitable for couples or individuals who prefer more room while resting. The Full daybed is also a great choice for guest rooms where multiple guests may need to share the bed.

5. Queen 

The Queen daybed is the largest size available and provides ample space for relaxation. It measures approximately 150 cm in width and 200 cm in length.

This size offers plenty of room for couples or individuals who prefer a more spacious sleeping area. The Queen daybed is a perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and style, as it can serve as a focal point in any room.


1. Can I use a daybed as a regular bed?

Yes, daybeds can be used as regular beds. They are designed to provide both seating and sleeping functionality. However, it’s important to consider the dimensions and ensure they meet your comfort requirements.

2. Are daybeds suitable for small spaces?

Yes, daybeds are an excellent choice for small spaces due to their compact dimensions. The Narrow Twin and Twin sizes, in particular, are designed to maximise space efficiency without compromising on comfort.

3. Can I find daybeds with custom dimensions?

While standard daybed dimensions are widely available, some manufacturers or retailers may offer customisation options. If you have specific requirements or a unique space to fill, it’s worth exploring customisation possibilities.

Contacting furniture stores or online retailers that offer customisation services can help you find a daybed that meets your exact dimensions and design preferences.

4. Are there any accessories or bedding sizes specifically designed for daybeds?

Yes, there are accessories and bedding sizes specifically tailored for daybeds. Daybed covers, also known as daybed bedding sets or daybed ensembles, are available in various sizes to fit the different standard daybed dimensions.

These bedding sets typically include a fitted sheet, a coverlet or quilt, and pillow shams that match the daybed’s dimensions. It’s important to choose bedding sets that correspond to the specific dimensions of your daybed to ensure a proper fit.

5. Can I use a daybed mattress of any size?

While daybeds come in different standard sizes, it’s recommended to use a mattress that corresponds to the dimensions of the daybed. This ensures a proper fit and optimal comfort.

Using a mattress that is too small may leave gaps and affect the overall stability and support of the daybed. Likewise, a mattress that is too large may not fit properly, resulting in an uncomfortable sleeping or lounging experience.


When it comes to selecting a daybed for your living space or guest room in Malaysia, considering the dimensions is essential. Each size offers unique benefits and is suitable for different needs and room sizes.

By understanding the dimensions of these daybed sizes, you can make an informed decision and choose the right daybed that fits both your space and your personal preferences. 

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