13 Different Types of Sofas: Which Is the Right One for You?

When furnishing your living room, a sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture. From hosting family movie nights to entertaining guests, you and your loved ones will spend plenty of time on it, so choosing the right one is essential.

Many assume that selecting a sofa only involves picking up the first design you see. However, there are actually several considerations you should take into account, such as size, style, softness, and practicality.

By heeding these factors in mind when searching for the best fit for your space and lifestyle, you can ensure that your new sofa serves its purpose for years to come.

Sofa Types

When shopping online in Malaysia, there are thirteen different types of sofas that you should keep in mind. Here are some valuable suggestions and descriptions of each type.  

1. Loveseat

The loveseat’s name refers to the idea that a couple can sit quite close together and share the seat. Loveseats are also sometimes called “two-seat sofas”. The only significant design difference between a loveseat and a regular sofa is its smaller size.

2. Modular Sofa

A particularly large sofa with at least two sections is known as a modular. This type of sofa often has an L or U form and may accommodate four to more than 10 people.

3. Settee

Settees are intended for more formal settings that see less wear and tear and have an appearance that is more formal and bench-like than the informal and everyday sofas.

4. Ottoman

The ottoman serves as a footrest in some nations but more commonly as a coffee table in the West. As time has passed, it has become smaller and more of a complementary furniture piece to the sofa.

5. Daybed Sofa

A daybed sofa dates back to the Middle Ages and has stood the test of time. Examples from the present day include beds with a headboard or backrest-like panels and a mattress base to chaise lounge-style seating for occasional use.

Sofa Styles

6. Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa is a classic formal seating piece and a design staple. This elegant sofa dates to the 18th century and features a low, rolling back that continues through to the arms to create an even-height silhouette, thick seat cushions, and deep buttoning. 

7. Camelback Sofa

Photo by Kate Che on Unsplash

The humplike form of a camel is the inspiration for the camelback style, so-called because of the distinctively curved profile of its back. Sofas with a back like this typically have equally ornate legs or skirts that draw attention to themselves.

8. Tuxedo

Photo by Saa R on Unsplash

This sofa is easily recognisable because of its high square arms that run the length of the sofa’s back and its clean, well-tailored appearance. It is one of the most traditional sofa designs, but its adaptability makes it a good choice for many rooms.

9. Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Mid-century contemporary couches, which take their inspiration from the 1950s, feature clean, straight lines and plain, exposed wood legs, in contrast to the more ornamental, extravagant sofa fashions of previous decades. Many times the back cushion or the seats of a mid-century modern sofa are tufted in manly textiles like leather or tweed.

10. Lawson Sofa

Lawson sofas are similar to Chesterfield sofas, however, they differ in that the arms are square and the cushions are softer. The signature softness of a genuine Lawson sofa comes from its generous filling, rolled or sock arms, and separate, floppy back and seat cushions. 

Sofa Arm Types

11. English Roll Arm Sofa

Photo by Comfort works

An English Roll Arm couch will have a tight back that is softly rolled over, a deep seat, and a low, set arm, though certain variations may have loose back cushions. It’s one of the most versatile sofa designs, working as well in more modern or classic settings, whether urban or rural.

12. Armchair

An armchair provides support on either side where you can rest your arms when sitting in it. They are typically very comfortable and padded.

13. The Belgian Roll-Arm sofa

Photo by Comfort works

The Belgian Roll Arm sofa perfectly combines classic style and modern appeal. The low-to-the-ground design brings a contemporary edge to any space, with its streamlined profile creating a chic and sophisticated look.

The cosy seat cushion is expertly foam-filled, offering unparalleled comfort that all will surely enjoy. 

FAQs on Different Types of Sofas

What material is best for a sofa?

There are always considerations when selecting the suitable material for a sofa – how it will wear, look, and what kind of feel you want in your living space. The material of your couch is often the starting point, as it can create the right aesthetic and provide the right comfort level over time. 

Leather sofas offer durability with an added air of elegance and style, while fabrics can range from synthetic blends to natural fibres  like cotton and wool for a classic look. Whichever option you choose for your sofa, be sure to find materials that suit your needs and décor desires.

What is the most durable type of sofa?

When searching for a sofa built to last, look no further than leather. Though it can initially be pricey, the cost is well worth it; leather’s supple texture adds a luxurious vibe to your living space and stands up to wear and tear better than other fabrics. 

Unlike some fabrics that may fade with high use, leather remains resilient and only appears better with age. Durable, easy to maintain, and classy-looking, there’s no doubt that this is the most dependable material for any sofa!

Which type of sofa is best for my home?

Deciding the type of sofa that’s best for your home comes down to personal preference and the available space. In smaller dwellings, a loveseat may be just the right size for what you need, whereas if you’ve got a large open living area, something like a sectional gives you extra seating while still feeling relaxed. 

Also, remember that some couches are available in modular pieces, so you can mix and match details to get the exact floor plan to fit your space. However, comfort is key when it comes down to it, and all cushions should be firm but supportive. 

Taking the time to find the perfect sofa will help ensure it fits the look and feel of your home and provide years of comfortable seating.

What is the most popular sofa style?

Reviews and research suggest that mid-century modern sofas are among the top contenders. Their simple yet stylish forms come in various sizes, making them a versatile option for many living spaces. The clean lines and geometric shapes give an air of sophistication to any room, and their durable construction makes them a lasting style choice for years to come. No wonder mid-century modern sofas make up the majority of popular sofa styles today – they look as good as they feel!


Choosing a sofa is an exciting prospect as it allows you to combine emerging trends and timeless classics to create your unique style. When picking out the perfect sofa, it is essential to consider both your lifestyle needs and the aesthetic of your space. 

Once you’ve figured out what elements make up the most comfortable seating option for your home, you can bring a personalised flair to your room with the right furniture piece. 

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